There are two ways you can get a reduction on your Council Tax - information from the NFDC website :

Tax reduction scheme for Persons with a disability

The council tax for a property that is the home of a disabled person may be reduced if it has a specified facility that is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person. The specified facilities are:

  • A room, which is not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory.  The use of the room must be clearly related to the persons disability; or
  • A second kitchen or second bathroom; or
  • Sufficient floor space to enable the disabled person to use their wheelchair around the home

 If you qualify for a reduction, your property will be treated as if it is in the valuation band immediately below the one shown in the valuation list.

Disregarded Persons Discount

To learn more about this listen here 

Some persons are not counted, "disregarded", when we look at the number of adults living in a property.  If the number of adults who are counted as living in the property is less than two, the Council Tax can be discounted for the period this applies.

he following groups of people may be disregarded (subject to the necessary proof being provided):-

  • A person detained in prison or a secure health facility
  • A person who has a severe mental impairment


To apply for a reduction, please provide details of your circumstances Council Tax - Discount for 'Disregarded' Persons, and NFDC will issue the relevant application form and details of any documentation  required.


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