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NFDC Lifeline

NFDC Lifeline

The NFDC Lifeline provides an emergency call system via your phone line to a control centre in Lyndhurst. The system is activated by a button worn on the wrist or a lanyard. Once pressed, two way communication to the control centre is established and the control centre will then call a neighbour or other contact from a list you provide. If they cannot contact anyone, or if you’ve injured yourself they will call the paramedics directly.
Cost :£3.25/wk or £145 and £1.53/wk. Installation £25
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Radio Pagers

Radio pager

MedPage and similar devices provide a dedicated radio  pager link between the wearer and their contact. This works well, for example, if the carer is in the garden and the wearer indoors or in different parts of a hotel, or to summon help in a public toilet when the carer is of the opposite sex.

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Panic Phone

TT 100 Phone

TT Fone (TT100) market a mobile phone with an SOS button. A single press of the button sends a text message to pre programmed numbers and then dials up to 5 numbers in sequence until an answer is obtained. Pressing the SOS button also sounds an option alarm.
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Message in a Bottle

 Message in a bottleThis scheme was conceived by a group of paramedics who were concerned about cases where they had been called to find a non-communicating person and had little idea of what treatment would be most appropriate. They felt that they could give better help if they had at least some information on the medical history of the patient and so they came up with this scheme. At its heart is a simple capped plastic cylinder 10cmx5cm in which you will find a form and a couple of stickers showing a green cross. You have to fill in the form by writing onto it details such as your medical condition, medicines taken, contact details for your family or friends, children or grandchildren that have to be collected from school, pets that might need to be taken care of etc. You then put this form into the pot and place it into the fridge.
Available from some Surgeries, Pharmacies
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The Princess Royal Trust for Carers

The Princess Royal Trust for Carer’s will help prepare an emergency plan for care in the event that your carer is incapacitated, they can also provide up to 48hrs of emergency care while other arrangements are put in place.
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